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What 's Important To Us

Find the Light Books is an innovative Social Enterprise building up the community by supporting the development and practice of intention and creative expression through story writing and book publication. 

We open the doors of expression by providing individuals who are interested in developing or strengthening their emotional attachments and awareness by cultivating a space of creativity and comfort in our Your Story. Your Voice. Creative Writing Program and published books and stories. 

Originally developed for community youth, Find the Light Books has expanded our focus to youth and adults, and organizations serving individuals seeking expressive outlets to assist in their creative and emotional journeys.  

Every day we work hard to achieve our social goal of improving the emotional well-being of individuals and the overall communities we all live in, by advancing compassionate conversations, inclusive dialogue, and


At Find the Light Books, we empower all of our writers to ask insightful questions, explore boundaries and confront conventional ways of thinking.

In today’s dynamic world, we must constantly be in pursuit of new skills and coping strategies in order to ensure our social-emotional health and development. Your Story. Your Voice. is a writing program that provides just that. Our skilled instructors employ their experiences and knowledge, partnered with their compassion, innovation, and fun teaching strategies that put all of our writers, no matter the age, at ease and comfort with the process of putting voice to paper.

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