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Empowering YOU to take ownership of your story. 


30 to 30!

New Release!Your Story. Your Voice.'s newest book, This Isn't Easy , is a journal and compilation of thoughtful and powerful stories of strength and compassion.

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In partnership with the Hope Council on AODA, Inc of Kenosha, Find the Light will donate 30% of the first 30 days of book sales to this amazing organization.
To have your purchase contribute directly to the Hope Council purchase your copy by Feb. 22, 2022


Your Story. Your Voice. Writing Workshops in partnership with community organizations, schools, and individuals. Empowering you to take ownership of your story and put voice to paper. 



Be the Hero

This Isn't Easy


Emaus Lutheran Church 

Hope Council on AODA

and more...

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Find the Light Books is a Social Enterprise supporting individuals and the community through emotional intention and empowerment through our creative story writing program. We empower all of our writers to ask insightful questions, explore boundaries and confront conventional ways of thinking.

In today’s dynamic world, we must constantly be in pursuit of new skills and coping strategies in order to ensure our social-emotional health and development. Your Story. Your Voice. is a writing program that provides just that. Our skilled instructors employ their experiences and knowledge, partnered with their compassion, innovation, and fun teaching strategies that put all of our writers, no matter the age, at ease and comfort with the process of putting voice to paper.

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